CheckMob is a product of CINQ Mobile Ventures, developed based on an extensive research on the needs of managers of field teams. All technology was developed by CINQ Technologies, using the same technologies and methodologies that the company uses in projects of major national and international clients.


CINQ Mobile Ventures is the main digital business part of CINQ Techonologies. It is responsible to develop inovative solutions that solve real problems from people and organizations. The company is incubated inside of the International Inovation Center of SENAI, inside of the Federation Industries of the State of Parana (FIEP), which gives to CINQ Mobile Ventures access to what is the most modern in terms of market and business generation.


CINQ is an company with 20 years of experience in the IT market, both national and international. CINQ invests in continuous quality programs, like ISO 9001 and CMMI, acting in Software Factories, Mobile Application development, IT outsourcing, testing factories (SQA - Software Quality Assurance), database services, digital publishing and IT consulting. CINQ has headquarters in Curitiba, Ponta Grossa, São Paulo and a comercial partner in Atlanta(USA).

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  • Headquarters | Curitiba | Brazil
  • Grã Nicco Street, 113 - Block 2
    5˚ floor - Mossunguê
    Curitiba-PR - CEP 81200-200

  • Branch Office | São Paulo | Brazil
  • Avenida Paulista, 777
    15˚ floor - Bela Vista
    São Paulo-SP - CEP 01311-100